September 18, 2015

MÄKAAN HOME DÉCOR: Understated Elegance Is The Next Big Thing

ADDRESS: Islamabad (By Appointment Only)
PHONE: 0300-8443284
You can also find MÄKAAN HOME DÉCOR on Facebook and Instagram.

I like to keep things simple — wardrobe, relationships, parenting style — but it’s especially important in the kitchen and on the table. Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate the both the intricacy of delicate hand-painted crockery and the starkness of glaring white serve-ware, but what really gets me giddy is that sophisticated, timeless middle-ground between the two — beautiful basics. 

Clean lines, careful craftsmanship, natural materials left as close to their natural state as possible? Elegance that isn’t intimidating or overstated? 

Take my money! Seriously, take all of it!

All of MÄKAAN HOME DÉCOR’s ultra-chic home accessories are either personally designed or painstakingly sourced from all over the world, with gorgeous one-of-a-kind urns, stunning hurricane lamps, and sleek candle stands serving as the cornerstones of their carefully curated selection. 

What truly makes my lust-list, though, is MAKAAN’s striking Simply Slated collection, a line of minimalist platters, trays, and coasters carved from natural slate. Impeccably beveled edges cleverly showcase tell-tale layers of the intense grey stone, accented, at most, with gleaming polished metal handles. 

Moody, contemporary, versatile. Check, check, and check. 

It’s everything you should be looking for when shopping for serve-ware and table toppers.

For your chance to WIN AN ULTRA CHIC SLATE CHEESE PLATTER FROM MÄKAAN HOME DÉCOR’S “SIMPLY SLATED” COLLECTION*, don’t forget to enter The Outrageous Eid Giveaway, happening on Facebook and Instagram. Giveaway closes Monday, 21 September 2015 at 11:59 pm (PST).

*Prize generously sponsored by MÄKAAN HOME DÉCOR 

ADDRESS: Islamabad (By Appointment Only)
PHONE: 0300-8443284
You can also find MÄKAAN HOME DÉCOR on Facebook and Instagram.

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