October 16, 2013

Pakistan's Legacy: Children Of The Damned by Anthony Permal

How do you handle hate? Personally, I start to panic and suffocate simultaneously and then proceed to pass out. Intolerance and ignorance cut me to the core and, really, I’m shocked at the prejudiced shit-show we’ve been running lately in the Land of the Pure. Equally appalling; the participation of otherwise intelligent and educated people in propagating the problem. Anthony Permal steps in to set the record straight.

Anthony Permal is a Pakistani Christian theologian writing and blogging about Christianity, Pakistan and other cool stuff like marketing, comics and pancakes. A self-proclaimed Jesus-freak, his pieces on minority issues and intolerance have been published in The Friday Times and The Express Tribune. You can catch more of Anthony’s awesomeness at http://digitaljesus.wordpress.com and on Twitter @anthonypermal.

Kill them all.

Hang them ‘til death.

Do whatever it takes to succeed.

The Muslims hate us. 

Never be friends with Christians. 

The Ahmadis are liable to be killed. 

It costs Rs. 5,000 to get a passport. Add 5,000 more to get it on the same day. 

Those poor Shias. 

Those poor Hindus. 

Those poor chaprasis. 

Those poor atheists. 

Gays deserve death. 

Terrorists are reacting to drones. 

Drones are because of America, which is the enemy. 

It isn’t our war. 

This isn’t our religion. 

This isn’t Constitutional. 

This IS Constitutional. 

Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz. 

Pakistan ka matlab kia? La Illaha Il Allah. 

Pakistan ko kia ho gaya hai? 

Jinnah ka Pakistan kahan gaya? 



Ye Hum Naheen! 

Liberal Fascists/Pseudo Liberals/Fake Liberals 



Balochistan humara hai. 

Kashmir humara hai. 

Palestinian Muslim brothers. 

Burmese Muslim brothers. 

Kaafir kaafir Shia kaafir. 

Qadiani haraam khor. 

PTI trolls. 

PML-N scum. 

PPP chor. 

Red light hai toh kia hua? Doosri tarf se gaarri arahi hai? Naheen? Nikaal gaarri! 


Rainbow Center se li teray bhai ne! 

Sold out journalists. 

Sold out activists. 

Sold out NGOs. 

Sold out soldiers. 

Chorr na yaar, kaun poochay ga! 

Teri maa ch*** doonga bhan***. 


Yaar atay waqt apnay bhai ke liye gutthka to laitayway aana. 

Quaid-e-Azam ne farmaya, tu chal mai aya. 

Rape to hona hi tha, kis ne bola tha wahan jaanay ko? 

Rape to hona hi tha, kapray daikhay thay uss kay? 

Rape to hona hi tha, barri liberal bani rehti thi.


The stuff written above? This is what your children hear you saying. This is what they’re growing up listening to in this time of chaos in Pakistan.

This is what they will repeat.

Now go back to the start, and imagine your son or daughter saying the exact same lines.

To you.