April 24, 2013

Hello, HELLO! Pakistan: Employed at Last!

Hunger & Haw Hai’s break from blogging bears fruit! This piece, No Trifling Matter:Lemon Panna Cotta & Mulled Strawberry Trifle, was commissioned by HELLO! Pakistan for their April 2013 anniversary issue.

And at last, I am employed again! *HAPPY DANCE* *MAKRANI DANCE* *SHOULDER SHIMMY* Being back in business is beautiful! Hallelujah, for I am whole!  I will spill this, though; putting the pieces together was stressful, it was sweaty, it was surreal, but God, it was great! Also, I want to take a second and say that, seriously, none of this would’ve been possible without the support and sass of my incredible editor, Mehvash Amin. I revere women with razor-sharp wit and the reality is she's a rockin' roller!

Do you know how fantastic it felt  having the freedom to pick a festive favorite? Freakin' fabulous! Not, to mention having my photograpghy featured too. It's all too much, I tell you!

And what would Hunger & Haw Hai be without you, boys and girls? I’m eternally indebted to each and every one of you for humoring my hysteria and saving my sanity. I love you, my lovelies! P.S. I’m proud of your patience. 

Get Hunger & Haw Haw Hai's simple, but spectacular recipe for Lemon Panna Cotta & Mulled Strawberry Trifle (click on image to enlarge)