September 14, 2015

The Lounge by Nyla: Personal Spaces That Pop

ADDRESS: Shop no: 17, Lower Ground Floor, Fortress Square Shopping Mall, Fortress Stadium, Lahore
PHONE(042) 37341722
You can also find The Lounge by Nyla on Facebook and Instagram

When it comes to color, I’m a fan of neutrals. Ivory, oatmeal, slate, coffee, navy, black; these are the colors of my rainbow, particularly when it comes to furnishing my home. It might sound vanilla, but here’s the secret; starting with a basic muted palette gives me the freedom to add bright pops of color with reckless abandon without stressing over a “color scheme”. 

Meticulously color-coordinated interiors had their moment, but the eighties are over.

Modern home decor, thankfully, is a lot more fluid and forgiving

The Lounge by Nyla is nailing this contemporary furnishing philosophy, creating bright, modern, and beautifully minimalistic furniture and home accessories that effortlessly combine form and function, transforming any room from frumpy to fabulous, pronto. 

Locally manufactured, using natural, high-quality materials, the gorgeous signature items at The Lounge, particularly their pop-art inspired rosewood trays, whimsical color-crazy cushions, and a line of bold bamboo tableware, are just the kind of eye-candy needed to create a cozy, interesting space that speaks of your personal style.

Bonus: it’s all surprisingly easy on the wallet. 
Say goodbye to the blah, the bland, and the stuffiness of obsessive color coding forever.

For your chance to WIN A BEAUTIFUL LACQUERED POPART TRAY OR A SET OF 3 BRIGHT BAMBOO BOWLS FROM THE LOUNGE BY NYLA*, don’t forget to enter The Outrageous Eid Giveaway on Facebook and Instagram. Giveaway closes Friday, 18 September 2015 at 11:59 pm (PST).

* Prize generously sponsored by The Lounge by Nyla

ADDRESS: Shop no: 17, Lower Ground Floor, Fortress Square Shopping Mall, 
Fortress Stadium, Lahore
PHONE: (042) 37341722
You can also find The Lounge by Nyla on Facebook and Instagram

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