February 20, 2017

Is Awesamosas Really THAT Awesome?

Address: CSD Cavalry Masood Anwari Rd Lahore
Phone: 0332 8707390
You can also find Awesamosas on Facebook & Instagram
What’s the Sub-Continent’s most epic contribution to the world of deep-fried food? The samosa, obviously! Don’t argue with that, unless you’re up for a duel to the death. Garam samosa,thandi Coke — heaven is a place on earth, lovers.

Of course, reinventing traditional excellence, especially the carb-y kind involving soft, spiced potatoes smushed inside deep-fried triangular pockets of crusty, salty dough, is a tall order, but gutsy duo Daniyal Noorani and Seemi Sani of Awesamosas don’t seem fazed. 

Probably because they know that we know that those caramelized onion samosas are the bomb and every sensible citizen in the world would cease to acknowledge graham crackers if they could find chocolate and marshmallows melting inside a toasty samosa wrapper.

Chalkboards scrawled with menus, a 3-step ordering system, and their very own quirky lingo — burgers are served shareefana (easy on the sauce) or loose (animal style) and their chai is dubbed Khoobsoora-Tea — Awesamosas has got the cozy, casual, dhabba thing down. And, yes, the food is lick-the-bowl uh-mayzing, You can find more delicious details here, here, here, and here. Or, you could ditch the literature and live your best life by wrapping your maw around a spicy, sauced-up pulled-beef samosa burger with a side of herb-salted fries and a Reese’s a la mode.

You can thank me later.

But is serving decent grub in a cute cafe enough to cut it in Pakistan’s hyper-competitive food industry?

Probably not. 

And that’s exactly why Awesamosas should be on your radar. This samosa spot leaves the competition in the dust because it isn’t another gimmicky eatery hopping onto the “novelty food” train to make a quick buck off of nonsensical innovation. Chizza, anyone? 

The folks at Awesamosas aren’t rustling up samosa burgers, bowls, and desserts for the sake of lame hipster elevation. R&D is serious business at this joint and, if you check out the menu closely, the method to their madness is slick AF. Most samosas are filled with ingredients that would traditionally be sandwiched between some sort of crust, biscuit, or even bread in the first place. 

Flavors familiar enough to feel like comfort food, jazzed up just enough to get the juices flowing. Clever, clever, I say.

Really, why fuss trying to scoop up mouth-watering dum wala qeema with a floppy naan when it can be wrapped inside a portable parcel of deep-fried perfection? How do you get a piece of hot, flaky crust with every bite of your apple pie? Stuff them apples inside wrapper and fry those bad boys up, duh.

Trying to create a modern and memorable rendition of a classic isn’t for the faint-hearted — is it really possible to stay true to humble roots of a time-honored recipe without sacrificing creativity — split into a hot, flaky, fresh-from-the-karahi Awesamosa filled with creamy butter chicken and the answer is a resounding HELLZ YEAH!

P.S. The Awesamosas test kitchen is rolling out a brand new range of flavors soon, so stayed tuned and stay awesome, babies.

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