February 16, 2016

The LAHORE EAT Survival Guide: 12 Genius Tips For Braving The City's Biggest Food Festival

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, the biggest, craziest, most fantastical food festival this city has ever seen is set to kick off in 10 days! The Lahore Eat Food Festival is the highly anticipated off-shoot of Karachi Eat, a much hyped and wildly popular three-day event showcasing the city's finest in food and dining. And for the past three years, it's had Karachiites raving about the fun, casual atmosphere and how awesome it is to have Karachi's most popular eateries all in one place. 

I feel you, Karachi. Who doesn’t want to spend a weekend soaking up the sun and snacking up a storm?

Now, FINALLY, shukaralhamdulilah, us khaata-peeta Lahoris are about to get a taste of what's kept Karachi captivated.

Just one the thing, though. If you’ve ever attended a large-scale festival you probably know that things can get kinda crazy if you’re not prepped before the party gets going. Fortunately for you guys, Hunger & Haw Hai’s slapped together some genius tips and tricks for braving the city’s hottest food festival and having some serious pee-in-your-pants fun while you’re there. 

Here are Hunger & Haw Hai’s 12 Genius Tips For Braving Lahore Eat.*

The Survival Kit: Everything I need to get my Eat on!

#12 Go With A Game-Plan
Spontaneity is super, but this is not the time for that. Short-list your must-eats and make a beeline for those hotspots first or you might miss the magic. Popular stalls usually have long queues, or worse, sell out lightning fast, so map out your route and make note of it on your phone. 

#11 Bring Your Buddies
Save flying solo for another adventure. Food + Friends = Primo fun.

#10 Carry Cash
Correction: An earlier version of this post mentioned that Lahore Eat vendors would not be accepting cash payments. This information was in inaccurate and has been corrected below. 
Trust me, there is no greater buzzkill than your wallet running dry right when you've made it to the front of the line, so hit up your nearest ATM before you head over to the festival. 
#9 Take A Camera (As In Your Phone…)
Just saying. Because it’s 2016. And Instagram. And you know you want to. 
P.S. For a chance to get those gorgeous photos featured on Hunger & Haw Hai’s Instagram and win amazing prizes, don’t forget to use the #HHHEats hashtag!

They never made it to the gym...

#8 Wear Comfy Shoes And Bring A Stroller For Younger Kids
If you show up heelan paa kay, I will cut you. You’ll be walking plenty, so slip into your comfiest sneakers or flats. Your tootsies will thank you. The stroller, of course, is self-explanatory, and you’ll probably thank yourself.

#7 Wear Sunscreen
With the Lahori sun beating down, you don’t want to risk burning, so slather some sunscreen on before you head out. Stash some in your tote too, in case you need to reapply.

#6 Rock Those Shades 
The better to see all those people and goodies with, dahlings!

Bringing the party home with to-go boxes

#5 Bring Your Own Takeaway Containers
Vendors at Karachi Eat weren’t offering takeaway options, so bring your own to-go boxes. Trust me, they’ll come in handy when you’re super full, but simply can’t imagine passing up on that delectable treat you’ve been eyeing all day. They’re also super useful for packing away those leftovers you refuse to part with. 

#4 Pack Wipes/Tissues/Hand Sanitizer 
Greasy hands. Smudged faces. Spills. Stained clothes. Germs. There are a million reasons this is a fab idea. 

#3 Stow A Couple Of Plastic Bags 
Hauling around empty plates and dirty utensils is a total bummer. Save yourself the grief and pop a couple of plastic bags in your purse and just collect your trash in there until you can locate an actual trash can.

#2 Bring An Old Blanket Or Sheet 
Jilani Park is lush, green, beautifully landscaped, and the grass is literally begging you to take a seat, so forget scouring for tables and chairs. Bring along an old sheet or blanket for an impromptu picnic in the park.

Carpooling is cool! Ride Careem with your buddies: save your sanity and the environment!

#1 Say NO to driving! Book a ride with Careem!
Lahore’s roads and traffic are a goddamn nightmare these days, so forget the car, forget the driver, and forget the hell that is finding decent parking. Book a ride with Careem and for a flat Rs.200/-, they’ll pick you up, drive you there, and land you straight at the Careem pick-up/drop-off point. Just download the Careem app, book a ride using the “HHHEats” promo code**, and roll in like a boss!

That’s all, folks! Remember to bring your infamous Lahori appetites and let’s show ‘em Lahore actually mein Lahore hai!

The Lahore Eat Festival runs from 26-28 February at Jilani Park, Polo Ground, Lahore. You can find timings, ticketing information, and more details here

* These tips were heavily inspired by an awesome post written by some festival-going savant on the Karachi Food Diary, but, for the life of me, I can’t find that particular post, so I have no idea who to give credit to. If you are that wizard, please, come forth, so that I may shower you with praise and accolades.

** Promo code valid from Friday 26th February 2016 to Sunday 28th February 2016. 


  1. All geared up for it to hit Islamabad!

    1. Ooooh! I hope you have a fabulous time! Anything you're looking forward to in particular?

  2. Thanks! Dont have the particulars as yet..but looking forward to having a good time definitely.

    1. Thanks for popping by Hunger & Haw Hai :) Much love xx

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