March 19, 2013

Bowled Over By Outrageous Brownies!

March 19, 2013: Hunger & Haw Hai surprised SiddySays with a super special delivery; a basket brimming with Outrageous Brownies

"Not only can the girl talk food, she sure as hell has me as her number one fan!"
- Lifestyle blog, SiddySays

For the full feature, click here

For the full feature, click here


  1. Insha!
    I just read the descriptions and saw the pictures! Wow! It looked absolutely awesome and so well organized :) ..
    But I can't see the Khaalis food market posts on your blog - came here cause i have blog on my blogger dashboard! ..

    1. Kiran, you are far too kind :) Deeply appreciate it! Can you tell me what error you're getting? I've checked the back end and it looks okay. Let me know xx


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