November 22, 2012

Road Runner: Braving Lahori Traffic So You Won't Have To

If there's anything I can testify to as a born and partially-bred Lahori , it's that our laziness is legendary. If you look up "bumming around," in the dictionary, there's a little map of our city next to it.

I'm just as guilty as rest of you. Probably worse. I live in the DHA area and wandering into mysterious lands, lands with exotic names like Gulberg and Model Town, strikes fear in my heart. I brood like a brat when something cool opens up outside my vicinity. And as the self-appointed queen of convenience, I never learned to drive. P.S. to all the car-crazy types who insist that the non-driving population is handicapped; I'm not paralyzed, I'm posh!

Of course, I can't be this bourgeois without an army backing my behind. I need a brave unit commandeered by a king of the roads, fending off hordes of vehicular savages, tirelessly defending my right to rest and relaxation, and bringing peace and home-delivery to my land. At last, the Good Lord has answered Her Majesty's prayers and I have finally found my knight in shining armor!

Road Runner is the hottest thing on wheels since Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder, offering same-day delivery in Lahore for everything from groceries and meals, to books and movie tickets. The service is my dream come true, but how does this curious magic work? Personally, I imagine an army of wired elves, taking calls, making calls, roaming the aisles of my favorite grocery stores, picking up exactly what I need, and secretly delivering to my doorstep while I sleep. Of course, Zahra and Adnan, the rockstars running this road-show, told me otherwise, but my version makes my inner child happier so, I'm sticking to it. And now, a quick salute to the courageous soldiers at RR who support my slacking off:
  • Good for: Planning a fun night in with latest in DVDs and best-selling books or a great night out with tickets to the hottest blockbusters in theaters now. 
  • Great for: The luxuriously lethargic and the agoraphobic. Now there is life beyond a 1 mile radius, with Road Runner delivering from almost every major grocery store and an impressive list of restaurants around the city.
  • Thumbs up: My book of choice AND the ingredients for my brittle at the click of a mouse! Makes my determination to dodge driving totally worthwhile. And it's the perfect smack-down for anyone who's ever mocked my inability to operate an automobile
  • Thumbs down: Restaurant menus and price lists for grocery items aren't available yet, which means it's pretty easy to blow your budget. 
  • Don't bother: If you have some sort of philosophy on how driving makes you feel free and independent. Being trapped in a log-jam of cars doesn't sound super-liberating to me.
The official Road Runner website  is still under construction, but you can place your order online by logging onto their Facebook page or calling 03341310131 (alternate number: 0334-1311131). And if you're not in Lahore, keep an eye on the roads because the service is slated to zip around the streets of Karachi and Islamabad soon. 

As for me, I'm off to cozy up with Russel Brand's, My Booky Wook, and a jar of brittle. Ciao, ciao!

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